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We help HOA-managed communities take control of their broadband infrastructure and services and provide a world class experience for their residents.

Our Solutions
Broadband Services

Does This Sound Like Your HOA-Community?

  • Your residents’ number one complaint is slow or unreliable internet.
  • The new digital reality of hundreds (or thousands) of devices on your network is taxing your infrastructure and your community is struggling to keep up.
  • You want to make a change but are “stuck” with old technology and an existing provider.
  • You’re managing your HOA’s resources and never thought better internet was a financial possibility for your community.

Enter Citiro.

About Citiro

Citiro is a completely new kind of infrastructure partner for HOA-managed communities. We’re turning the traditional broadband market on its head by radically changing the way communities just like yours imagine, create and deliver next generation fiber internet that residents crave.

What Does That Mean?

Financial Results

No Out of Pocket Costs, Competitive Rates

Citiro builds out amazingly fast, incredibly reliable next generation fiber infrastructure; with ZERO out of pocket costs to you. Your residents pay competitive market rates (and sometimes even save money) versus traditional providers. Everyone Wins.

Limitless Flexibility

Internet of The Future…Today

Citiro delivers an end to end fiber solution that means your residents can get next generation future-proofed internet infrastructure today; instead of excuses and empty promises from your current providers.

A Real & Reliable Partner

Stand Out

By modernizing your infrastructure, Citiro is able to deliver incredible internet, feature-rich digital amenities and a superior experience that will enhance your residents’ quality of life and your community’s reputation.  Stand out with Citiro.

Broadband Services

How It Works

We work with you to evaluate your current internet landscape to understand what’s working and what’s not and design a solution that suits your unique community’s needs.

Deal Structure:
Together, we establish a minimum participation rate, contract terms and monthly payment that will make the project financially feasible with no up front costs to you.

Build Out:
We leverage world class infrastructure partnerships to build a brand new, all fiber, future proofed network that will replace your current clunky network.

Financial Model:
We provide a model that allows you to get world class internet infrastructure with no out of pocket costs.  Citiro charges your HOA a set monthly fee and you pass those costs on to your residents. World class fiber at no additional cost to you.

The best part about this model and structure is that Citiro stays with you through the evolution of your community; adding in additional features and digital amenities that your community will want.  Truly a long-term solution and partnership.

Improving Your Community

“Citiro” communities experience a range of benefits:

  • Next generation speeds (up to 10 Gbps) robust enough to handle the new digital reality of smart home tech, high definition content and ever more connected devices.
  • Future-proofed infrastructure that will continue to add value for year (and years) to come; truly next generation technology.
  • Stronger resident experiences and higher satisfaction. Citiro helps you meet your residents where they are with added amenities and features like smart home security, digital concierge services and interactive community engagement.
  • Reputation enhancement as the community that invests in their resident community through enhanced services and digital amenities.
  • More attractive real estate, stronger competitive advantage over traditional communities and the envy of your community peers. Citiro communities see property value increases between 3% and 8% on average.
Broadband Services

Are You Ready?

Schedule a consultation to get more information, get your questions answered and find out how you can become a “Citiro Community” today.